USS JFK Sunset to Norfolk

March 2018 JFK Project Update

As we have posted on our Facebook page and our website, we are working behind the scenes to develop an alternative berthing location and plan that is solid enough to return CV-67 to donation status. Once that plan is developed we will have a specific proposal to promote, and that’s when we hope to coordinate…

Initial Response to Media Reports That JFK May Be Scrapped

A message from Project President Frank Lennon: “I have been made aware that the Kitsap, Washington newspaper wrote an article a couple of days ago about the decision to scrap Kitty Hawk. At the end of the article it is reported that the CNO also removed JFK from donation status, and that the Navy plans to scrap JFK as well.”

Summer 2017 Update

As summer approaches, our calendar certainly fills up! We have had a great time at numerous parades and events throughout the state. Every year, we start around St. Patrick’s Day in March, culminating in a final Veteran’s Day finale! A huge thanks to our dedicated volunteers, who donate their weekend hours to helping bring our…

VADM McGinn Visits RIAHOF Headquarters, Presents Service Medal

Assistant Secretary of the Navy Dennis McGinn visited our RI Aviation Hall of Fame’s USS JFK Project HQ on December 15, 2016, and spent two hours meeting with board members, volunteers and supporters. He led a wide-ranging discussion about options for preserving the aviation and naval history of Rhode Island and the region. Naval Aviator…