2018 End-of-Year Update: Land-based Facility

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In August we reported that we were redoubling our efforts to develop a land-based facility at the former Quonset Point Naval Air Station, which would incorporate museums and memorials for the USS John F Kennedy and USS Saratoga, as well as a permanent home for the RI Aviation Hall of Fame.
We also promised to keep a pilot light lit in hopes that a permanent mooring solution may arise prior to the day that CV-67 is towed away to be scrapped.
While there has been no constructive response to our ongoing efforts concerning CV-67, we have made significant progress on the land-based facility.
Over the past several months we have gained the endorsements of the Rhode Island Airport Corporation and the RI National Guard (a major aviation tenant at Quonset) for our planned museum, recreation center and family attraction.
While we are still trying to determine the exact location, the Quonset Development Corporation, landlord for most of the Quonset property, has promised to make land with ramp access available to RIAHOF at a favorable non-profit rate. We hope to have more clarity on an exact site by the end of the year.
As we explained, we must find another way to honor all the JFK sailors who served so honorably in her. It would be foolhardy for us to just give up and allow all those years of hard work and all the money spent so far to simply go down the drain with nothing to show for it.
We have collected a wealth of memorabilia and artifacts over the years, and we firmly believe that it would be criminal to risk the loss of that historic collection.
There are also three aircraft still on the site of the former Quonset Air Museum, and with your help we may be able to rescue them.
We hope you will continue to support us in that quest.

Please visit the Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame website for more background and updates.

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