Initial Response to Media Reports That JFK May Be Scrapped

A message from Project President Frank Lennon

I have been made aware that the Kitsap, Washington newspaper wrote an article a couple of days ago about the decision to scrap Kitty Hawk. At the end of the article it is reported that the CNO also removed JFK from donation status, and that the Navy plans to scrap JFK as well.

We received a telephone call from the Navy confirming this was the plan.

Needless to say, this is disappointing news, although not entirely unexpected given our inability to move forward until the new administration had its Navy civilian leadership team in place. We wrote to SECNAV on November 4 and are still working our request at the highest levels of the Navy (and in Congress, if needed.)

From past history, we know that it is not unusual for the Navy to move ships in and out of donation status. That happened twice with Saratoga, and has occurred with smaller ships as well. We are reasonably certain that if we are able to offer a viable berthing option that administrative designation can be reversed.

From past history, we also know that scrapping a carrier is a complex, time-consuming and expensive process. (Just look at Saratoga; it took years to finalize a contract, then the scrapper went bankrupt. The job is still not finished.)

We find it hard to believe that the Navy would go that route when a different solution was available.

Thanks to all of you for your expressions of support, and desire to take action – we will want your help – but before several uncoordinated outreach efforts kick off, we are working to figure out who the best recipient of those messages might be, and the best way to deliver them with the most impact. Give us a couple of days to come up with a direction.

Believe me, we are doing everything we can. I have 20 years invested (virtually full time, with zero compensation) in the effort to bring a carrier to Narragansett Bay, and I will fight for this vision to my last breath.

Expect another update within a week.

— Frank Lennon


  1. To whom it may concern, I served aboard the JFK CV-67 May of 1982 to January 1986, former Airman ABH V-1 Div.. I was very proud to serve on her but with the news of possible scrapping just makes me feel our country Doesn’t want to preserve the Past, was the 35 the president of the United States and a former officer in the Navy reserves during World War 2. The fact this president gave his life in the persuit of preserving democracy that we still know Today. That this ship should be made a museum or if anything a fraction of cost to one of our allied Navies and to use monies from sale to be put toward the Navy’s budget for the fiscal year to increase new ship development or to salvage and repair existing ships in the fleet. My thoughts along with other former sailors of previous years that served aboard the Kennedy to see this US Vessel be used other than scrapping or an artificial reef.May she be used again for the right reasons to preserve the seas from tyraney if with an allied Navy!!!! With the upmost respect to the United States Navy and In God We Do Trust!!!!

  2. Served on JFK 77 – 79. Air Department, V-2 Division, catapult/arresting gear maintenance office supply PO. Located on the 03 level between the bow cats. Would love to see JFK preserved. If not, I plan to be present in Brownsville, TX when she passes through the channel on her way to scrap. Just want to give her one last hand salute.

    1. Dear Mr. Roche,
      Thanks for reaching out. We have received a number of similar requests, and we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and willingness to help.

      As we have posted on Facebook and our website, we are working behind the scenes to develop an alternative berthing location and plan that is solid enough to return CV-67 to donation status. Once that plan is developed we will have a specific proposal to promote, and that’s when we hope to coordinate fundraising efforts, emails, letters and petitions.

      We are concerned that a premature petition would not have the desired effect, because it would not be asking for something specific. We are currently working to solidify a plan that will allow us to move forward from a position of strength. (I would hope to announce next steps in as few as 30 days.)

      Best regards,

      Frank Lennon

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