New Project Renderings Show USS JFK’s Future

A ground-level view of the proposed site placement of the USS John F. Kennedy in Coddington Cove.

Tangram 3DS of Kittery, Maine, and Vienna, Austria, is an internationally recognized 3D computer graphics and animation company that provides multimedia solutions for presentation and marketing needs.

We asked Tangram to produce realistic renderings to convey the excitement and majesty of what the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy would look like in Coddington Cove. Here are the first two renderings! (click images for a larger view)

And to make the effort that much more special, Tangram 3DS donated this work as part of a hopefully long-term involvement with the JFK project!

“Tangram 3DS wanted to show its love and appreciation for this kind of maritime history and decided to donate these high quality renderings for this nonprofit organization,” said Tangram President Stefan Vittori.

The Tangram 3DS staff bent over backwards to accommodate the unique needs of our non-profit effort to create a world-class family attraction. Producing these renderings created challenges not present in most commercial projects, such as access limitations. Throughout this process the Tangram staff remained calm, helpful and supportive, despite the number of changes requested. We were also impressed with their accessibility and responsiveness at all hours of the day, seemingly seven days per week.

Since these renderings were to be used in major presentations to the Navy, the need for accuracy in the way the ship and the pier support facilities were depicted was paramount. That accuracy had to be combined with our vision for the future, resulting in a melding of what will be with what is now.

Input poured in from knowledgeable volunteers, resulting in numerous changes and additions as new data became available. Throughout this process the Tangram 3DS management and technical staff remained calm, helpful and supportive, despite the frustrating number of changes requested. We were also impressed with their accessibility and responsiveness at all hours of the day, seemingly seven days per week.

In addition to supporting our formal presentations to the Navy, Tangram’s initial work will appear prominently on the home page of our website, and will be incorporated into all our digital presentations and promotions. The images will form an integral part of our initial capital campaign presentations and all printed promotional materials. As the project progresses we expect to commission more renderings, providing greater detail and several interior views of the USS John F Kennedy attraction.

We expect that Tangram’s realistic 3D animations will become convincing tools for demonstrations and marketing campaigns. Their Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities offer exciting new ways to preview the final product, as well as add to the visitor experience once the ship is opened to the public.  Few, if any, 3D or VR renderings exist of aircraft carrier interiors, and we are excited to work with Tangram 3Ds to break new ground.

“We’re thrilled that our work will be an integral part of this client’s promotions,” said Vittori.

Tangram 3DS gained an international reputation for 3D architectural visualization, and now Tangram iDs is expanding those services. The company’s services include 3D modeling, Virtual Reality, visualizations, animations, video editing and photo montages for multimedia presentations in the fields of architecture, interior design, engineering, yacht and boat design, industrial and product design as well as furniture and millwork design. Tangram 3DS works with clients of all sizes, design markets and regions. Tangram 3DS in Vienna, Austria is situated to better serve its international clients.

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