By Popular Demand: A List of Items “Rescued” from the USS Saratoga CV/A-60

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In June, our volunteers were able to complete, with the Navy’s permission, 3 days of unloading items off of the USS Saratoga for use and/or display on board the USS John F. Kennedy when we get it: The list includes: 83 ready room chairs, 32 vidmar cabinets (designed for maximum usage of the cube especially for small parts and tools, entire woodworking shop including cabinet saw, planer, joiner, two drill presses. Approx 900 pieces of bar stock at 4 feet each. Three electric welders, rod ovens and powered welding vent system. Six chain falls from 1 ton to 10 ton. Ten command chairs ie Captain, F/O, Navigator, Engineer, Pri-Fly, Secondary Comm, CIC etc. Misc ship’s art from the Forestall and Saratoga. Mess items, such as bread slicer, dough hooks, mixing bowl. 12 status boards mostly from CIC. A dozen compartment doors from Saratoga decorated with ships art. 60 each mechanical gauges from different areas of the ship.

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  1. Kimberly Conley Posted on May 17, 2019 at 4:52 PM

    Is there a website where the public can purchase a piece of the USS SARATOGA ?

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