Letter of Intent Received From Navy

We enter the last quarter of 2015 with cautious optimism. The Navy has given us a Letter of Intent concerning our potential use of Pier 2 at Naval Station Newport.

The operative sentences in this letter are:

“… it appears an agreement for the development and operation of a museum and memorial may be structured in a manner that is compatible with the readiness mission of Naval Station Newport.”

“…please accept this letter as an indication of the Navy’s intent to work with the Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame to…allow the ex-USS JOHN F. KENNEDY to be successfully berthed and operated at Pier 2 as a museum and memorial.”

The letter goes on to say that we still have a number of obstacles to overcome, to include environmental issues relating to the work we have to do to safely moor JFK in Coddington Cove. However, this is a big step forward, and we thank you for your continuing support to get these items addressed as we work through these issues with the Navy.

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