Efforts Underway to Rescue Artifacts and Equipment from USS Saratoga and USS Forrestal for Use in the USS JFK Museum Project: Nov 15-17

For some time now, JFK project leadership has been working with the Navy to arrange for the retrieval of material from these two carriers before they are scrapped. One purpose is to replace items that have been removed from CV-67 for one reason or another, such as ready room chairs. Another purpose is to develop the Saratoga exhibit we have committed to have on board Big John, and a third reason for this effort is to provide material for our educational programs.

We transferred more than 100 pallets of material from Forrestal to Saratoga before FID was towed away, and this spring a group of Saratoga sailors came to Newport to rescue historical artifacts (such as the CIC status boards) from CV-60. Because Sara’s elevators have been secured at the flight deck level, we must remove all these items from the hangar bays by crane, transfer them to trucks on the pier, then unload them at warehouse space that has been donated as temporary storage.

We are planning to perform this work at Naval Station Newport from 15-17 November. If any of you (especially riggers and truck drivers) can spare the time to help we would love to hear from you – please contact us online or call (401) 398-1000.

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