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Dear shipmates,

Date Nolite Rogare. We are all very familiar with the admonition contained in our ship’s motto:  “Give–Be Unwilling to Ask”.

I think the spirit of Big John will forgive me in this instance if I do both, because the “ask” is for the most important of causes–ensuring that USS John F. Kennedy goes back to work for her country.

I am asking you to join me in a quest to bring “Big John” to Rhode Island’s beautiful Narragansett Bay as a world-class family attraction, education center, job training facility, museum and memorial. As a group we must show the Navy that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder in support of this vision.

I am pleased to report that we have made significant progress in the months since Frank Lennon and the rest of his Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame (RIAHOF) team launched this effort. They have contributed thousands of hours of sweat equity (with no compensation) in preparing the next phase of the Navy’s ship donation application. NAVSEA has determined, “…at this time, RIAHOF is the only viable candidate for the donation of ex-JFK.”

I am now writing as a former Commanding Officer of this ship, in hopes that the memories that this awesome vessel provided will get enough of your juices flowing so that you will join me in providing tangible, financial support for the next step in this quest. We are about to launch a major capital campaign to raise the balance of the money needed to ensure that JFK returns to duty. Fortunately, we start with a good foundation: about $10 million (in loans and pledges) should be transferable from the previous effort to bring USS Saratoga to Rhode Island.

The first element of this campaign will be an appeal to all former ship’s company and air crew members–some 70,000 men and women who served aboard between 1968 and 2007–to become members of the USS JFK Project.

Showing that our alumni group has significant “skin in the game”, so to speak, will also make it easier to generate corporate and foundation support. Local citizens will also be more inclined to give if we have set the example. After all, how can we lobby for federal, state and municipal support if we aren’t also willing to share the load?

I am convinced this is a solid effort with a good chance of success. Notwithstanding the motto, I am giving AND I’m asking you to do the same.

In closing, the most cherished part of my life was when I was assigned as Commanding Officer of JFK. The opportunity for me to get a second bite of that apple is too compelling to pass up, and I hope you will sign on with me for this new deployment.

Kindest regards,

VADM Jerry O. Tuttle, USN (Ret)


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