Competing Groups Agree: Bring USS JFK to Rhode Island

Rhode Island and Maine groups agree to work together to ensure aircraft carrier USS John F Kennedy comes to New England as a public attraction and museum. In an August 3 email to the Navy’s Ship Donation Program office, Richard J.Fitzgerald announced the Portland group’s intention to withdraw from the competition so that valuable time,…

Remembering Governor Bruce Sundlun, 1920-2011

JFK project leadership and volunteers join the rest of Rhode Island in mourning the July 21st death of former Governor Bruce Sundlun, whose last major project commitment was to lead the local fundraising effort to bring USS John F. Kennedy to Narragansett Bay. Sundlun, a WWII B-17 bomber pilot, was a member of the inaugural…

Former CV-67 Skipper John Mitchell Dies

Retired Navy Captain John Mitchell was the seventh Commanding Officer of USS John F. Kennedy, from November of 1975 to May of 1977. He passed away in Virginia Beach, VA on Memorial Day, May 30. Our sincere condolences go out to his family. Link to his full obituary and the guest book here.