Pres. George HW Bush

Former President George H.W. Bush endorses project

We are thrilled and honored to announce that President George Herbert Walker Bush, our nation’s 41st Commander-in-Chief, has officially endorsed the idea of bringing the USS John F. Kennedy to Rhode Island as a memorial and public attraction. This is another major endorsement that will get us one step closer to building the critical mass…

Charter Membership Program Launched

We are thrilled to have our Charter Membership program ready to go! It is important for us to show the Navy and the State of Rhode Island that we have the support, locally and nationally, to make this project happen. All members will receive a personalized membership card, 10% off all store orders, and a…

Hand-carved Ship’s Crest Now on Display

A huge thanks to our multi-talented volunteer Wayne Lacy for carving and hand-painting (including gold leaf) a beautiful USS John F. Kennedy crest for display in the office. Made out of solid wood, it is too big for us to move, so come see it in our North Kingstown museum!

Bristol 4th of July Parade – Hot Fun!

We were thrilled to participate, as we do every year, in the nationally-renowned Bristol 4th of July Parade. A special thanks to all of our hard-working staff and volunteers that stepped up to participate in the 90+ degree weather. Extra kudos to Brian Kramer, who answered our last-minute call for a CDL driver for our…

Navy League Sea-Air-Space Expo 2013: Report from Project President Frank Lennon

Representatives and leadership from the project attended the Navy League’s Exposition from April 7-10, 2013. Our participation in this event was productive and well-received, both by the Navy and the defense industry. Our location could not have been better; our 14-foot model and exhibit was located at the base of the escalator used by all show attendees to access the exhibit hall. Everyone entering or leaving the hall had to pass by us.