Letter of Intent Received From Navy

We enter the last quarter of 2015 with cautious optimism. The Navy has given us a Letter of Intent concerning our potential use of Pier 2 at Naval Station Newport. The operative sentences in this letter are: “… it appears an agreement for the development and operation of a museum and memorial may be structured…

Vice Admiral Jerry O. Tuttle

Vice Admiral Tuttle’s Speech to JFK Shipmates

On August 21, the night before the keel laying of USS John F Kennedy CVN-79, former CV-67 CO and retired Vice Admiral Jerry O. Tuttle made the following remarks to a gathering of CV-67 veterans. We want to share them with you all. Welcome: Good evening to this awe-inspiring phalanx of our great country –custodians…

A Plank Owner’s Poem

A big thanks to Mike Young, U.S. Navy Vet, J.F.K. Plank Owner, who sent us this poem! I can’t give much, I’m not a wealthy man… But I will try to give what I can … a little here A little there…. to bring My Ship back to where … I can once again, walk…

The USS Saratoga Farewell Ceremony

The USS John F. Kennedy Project could not be where we are today without the years put into trying to acquire the USS Saratoga, and the dedicated men and women who helped try to make that happen. For that reason, we hosted a farewell ceremony at the ship on August 8, 2014, at the Officer’s Club and directly at Pier One, Naval Station Newport.